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We offer creative and entertaining activity packages in collaboration with the country's best event agencies. Feel free to challenge us with ideas and we will tailor solutions to fit your needs!

Active participants give greater involvement

How do you achieve the goals of your event? The key is active participants.

When people get together at events to share and create new knowledge, it’s important that they get involved. Nothing creates greater motivation and stronger cohesion among employees, customers and partners than common interests and experiences.


Active participants build teams

At X, we give our customers a refill of both body and mind. Our activity coordinator, Gro Malones tailors the activity offer for your particular group so that they get the most out of the event.

Courses and conferences involve intense days and a lot of quiet sitting. Physical activity and relaxation along the way give renewed energy and focus. When the participants come together and collaborate in a completely different way than they usually do, they build teamwork and trust.


Active participants provide measurable ROI

X Activate is the essence of events: unforgettable meetings between people. Adrenaline-filled experiences and unpretentious competitions form a social framework around the event that welds together and creates laughter and joy. Active participants provide measurable ROI for you as an organizer.


Health Angel

Gro is the X-Universe HEALTH ANGEL, which gives you little or big PauseBoosts, with replenishment of adrenaline, endorphins, happiness and a good mood. In addition, Health Angel tailors creative and entertaining activities for your business so that the conference on X becomes complete.



  • Hip hop
  • Classical Ballet / Body Barre
  • Jazz / show dance
  • Powerwalk w. Strength outside
  • Jogging / pulse with strength outside
  • Outdoors yoga
  • Seated yoga
  • Piloga
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Rela-X
  • Pause Boost
  • Stretching / meditation
  • Crossfit
  • “Morning-sha-bæm / afternoon sha-bæm” in the lobby
  • Creative improvisational games
  • Akestaffett (winter)
  • Spark Shock Ting-race
  • Beach volleyball
  • Dodgeball
  • Corner Football
  • Frisbee-golf
  • Crocket
  • Golf
  • Outdoor activity: Concert, etc.
  • X-Trail: Nature trail inside or outdoors
  • Scooter Race
  • Make-Your-Own-aperitif!


Join an exciting investigation! Here, all senses must be put to use and minds in complete readiness to break the codes, find the encryption key and save the company.

Stock Car Race
Soapbox Car Race is an activity that engages and awakes many memories. Here are the challenges for both theorists and practitioners. Who makes a car that can stand all the races? Who designs the “toughest” car?

Fun outdoor activity that stimulates that team feeling!

Outdoors Activities
The group is divided into teams and all teams are rotating on selected activities: Obstacle course with promille goggles – Ladder Golf – Giant slingshot – Electronic biathlon rifle – Blind man’s buff – The Word on the cane

Dead Oscar Galla
Red carpet, champagne, beautiful dresses! The purpose of the activity is to have fun and to create enthusiasm, whether it is to visualize the company’s values, events, products or history.

Casino Royale
Lets see the sequins and silk ties! Guests get to play roulette, blackjack and poker, and with each other in the local community outside or inside the building, where logical, practical and theoretical tasks await.
Professional dealers provide instruction at the tables so everyone can join.

Court Murder. The hotel director is found dead in the hotel and we have a possible murder to solve. There are four suspects in question. The guests are divided into detective teams to solve the mystery!

Tasks of all kinds are distributed in the map. Guests are divided into teams to compete against each other outside or inside the building, where logical, practical and theoretical tasks await. Many of the tasks are solved directly in the app. A task could be to take a picture or make a movie, or solve physical challenges. The game is specially made for each customer and we end the day with prizes!

Film Crew
Jump in front of and behind the camera! We make a commercial movie, parody or visualize  us 50 years ahead! We provide camera, props and also help to edit the raw movie. A lot of fun and a great way to everyone participating in different ways. Screening of the movies takes place the same evening, meaning dinner entertainment is taken care of. A guaranteed success.

  • Chain reaction
    Teamwork suitable for ALL! There is no physical requirement to participate, and in the activity you get the pleasure of building something creative and functional together.

    Dinner shows
    Astonishing show for your event, where guests are taken on a journey into a magic show world unlimited in imagination! In this concept, the customer can also have full-featured show evenings with DJs, musicians, live discos, flame shutters and air acrobats. The concept also offers various activities in the form of team building, where employees can be participants in the show with sparkling costumes!

    X Meeting Point also collaborates with vendors offering the following activities:

  • Golf on 18 and 6-hole courses
  • Guided tour of aquavit production + aquavit tasting
  • Wind tunnel
  • Climbing park