Our facilities

X Meeting Point is made to bring people together. A large house with space for both small and big events alike – but you just have to experience how intimate 20.000 sq. m can feel.

Designed to accommodate several groups in the building at the same time. We have the capacity for small meetings, conferences, large events and huge conventions simultaneously – with each one offering real value to its participants.


7 500 sq. m with unique possibilities.

We’re talking huge congresses, sport events, conventions or concerts. Hall 1 has all the length, width, height and acoustics you’ll ever need.




If you want a more rustic convention hall, with the option of daylight, you should consider this one.

5 000 sq. m of floor – perfect for larger outlets and trade fairs.



The BoX

For those of you who want the full monty, this room has everything. A room packed with opportunities. The room is shaped like a fan, placing the audience closer to the stage with an amazing soundscape. The only thing you need to consider is what values you intend the audience to leave with – we’ll handle the rest.



1x Projector (Panasonic PT-RZ970BEJ 10K lm, Laser, WUXGA, 1.7–2.4:1)

Picture directly on the wall

HDMI / VGA connection in front by the stage

Sound connection (XLR) in front by the stage

PA system

3x wireless headset + 1x handheld microphone

10x Stagelight

DMX connection in front by the stage

Crestron touch panel to control sound, lights, picture in front by the stage


Hall 1 is a large space, which in many cases is far too big for most events. That’s why we have the Grey BoX that hangs permanently in the hall, where dividers can be lifted up and down, in and out, as needed.

In Grey BoX, standard technology is included, for up to 800 guests. The same applies to the stage, tables and chairs.

It is not often that you can offer a Plug&Play solution to such large groups, but we can!



2x Nexo NX4x4 MK2 Amplifier 4x4500Watt

2x Nexo PS10R2 Loudspeaker 10″ +1″ HF

Nexo RS 18‐PT SUB 2×18″ Malt, Touring

Sennheiser HS 2‐ew BE Neckband Microphone Beige, ew‐plug

Sennheiser ew EW 500 G4‐935‐AW+ 470 – 558 MHz

Sennheiser ew 500 G4‐CI1‐Aw+ 470 – 558 MHz

Sennheiser ASA 214‐UHF RF Splitter

Sennheiser A 2003‐UHF Passive Antenna

Visual QuadCore 4 universal lighting controller

Visual Din Rail DMX‐512 RDM Splitter (Terminal) 1–6 split

Bright DDX Splitter DMX 1–6 SP 142 FPX (6x5pXLR) Booster

Bright XLED TW 2700‐5600K 12x 8W CRI 85+ Xline

Bright XLED 12x8W RGBW LED Wash BLK Xline

FilmGear LED Profile 300W 16‐28° Bi‐Color, Tunable white

FilmGear LED Spot 300 (Bi‐Color) with 4‐leaf barn door

Crestron TSW‐760‐W‐S 7″ Screen White

Crestron DM‐NVX‐D30 AV over IP box receiver

Crestron CP3, control processor, 19″ 1U

Cisco Small Business RV340 Router

Cisco Small Business SG350‐28P Gigabit – L3 – Styrt POE 195W

Panasonic PT‐RZ21K 3DLP Laser, WUXGA, 20Klm NoLens

Panasonic ET‐D3LEW60 (0.9:1)

Framed canvas from AV Stumpfl 10×6,25

Panasonic PT‐MZ10KLBEJ 10000AL WUXGA Laser no lense, black

Panasonic ET‐EMS600 Linse Standard 1.35 – 2.11 (MZ16 series)

Grandview motor lerret Elegant 488×305 Electric 16:10

Liftket Star SK30/12SB 250kg SS DB RT 400V 8m/min STAR pulley

Milos M290/4 3,0m (4K‐30 3m)

Nivtec platform trolley, large, for 6 platforms, 216 x 59cm

Nivtec platform 100cm x 50cm

function room A

These rooms are designed with multipurpose in mind.

Whether you want a conference setup, a mini convention or an activity room, the room is ready for you on arrival.



Mixing board

2x laser projector (5000 ANSI LUMEN)

2x 3,62m x 2,26m 16:10 canvas

2x speakers in ceiling

1x wireless headset microphone + 1x handheld microphone

Touch Panel to control sound, lights and image

3x stage lights in ceiling

DMX connection in front by the stage

function room B

For those of you who don’t need as much space, but want a room filled with possibilities.

The B Rooms all have a view of the Catwalk. This gives the aura of modern city streets and excitement.

Room details


Clickshare wireless image transfer

2x speakers in ceiling

1x 5000 lumen laser projector

1x 3,62m x 2,26m 16:10 canvas

HDMI / VGA connection for image

Connection for mixing console (XLR) front of house

Plenty of electrical outlets

Network connector

function room D

For you who need a little more space.

D Rooms are twice the size of the A Rooms, because each of these are composed of two A Rooms, with a retractable wall. Exceptionally wide rooms, and any lecturer’s dream – granting them complete control of the audience.

Room details


2x laser projector (5000 ANSI LUMEN)

2x 3,2m x 2,6m canvas

4x speakers

4x wireless headset microphone + 2x handheld microphone

2x touch panel for controlling sound, lights and image

6x stage lights in ceiling


Fantastic boardrooms. Designed and filled with everything you need for a pleasant and productive meeting.

One of our goals for these rooms is for you to leave with new perspectives. With this in mind the photos on the walls of these rooms are taken from odd angles. The greatest decisions are made in the smallest of rooms.

Room details

1x 80″ TV

HDMI connection for image

Plenty of electrical outlets


For those who believe a meeting should be held without distractions, and where personal interaction is the most important value in any good decision.

We’ve got two amazing rooms in order, made for great conversations.

Room details

1x 80″ TV

HDMI connection for image

Plenty of electrical outlets


So much more than square meters and chairs...



The location and rooms are just one piece of the puzzle in creating a good conference. Therefore, we start with the question «why?». Is the intended program really the right solution to reach your goals, or should you think differently?

Our dedicated advisors are more than happy to help and guide you in creating the best tailor-made solution for your conference.

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We will fulfill your wishes, and make sure to create a spectacular experience.