You might think, Why should a conference and event center work with sustainability? Is it not enough to focus on vegetarian food and ditch the eternal hotel room washing, to have done our part?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Our industry – events and conferences – affects the environment through transport, water use, the food we serve and much more.

We at X started discussing sustainability internally already in 2019. Inspired by both our own employees and committed customers, we learned two things:

Sustainable communication must be positive without moralizing to be effective.

Sustainability must be developed from the ground up.

The employees know best when it comes to the challenges in their own workplace. If sustainability is presented as a management project, the employees will never feel full ownership of it. As one customer said in a meeting: “We had to go through sustainability training. I lost interest after the first 20 minutes because there were so many numbers and concepts.” We think there are many people like her.

That is why we have now launched #skjultbærekraft, which makes it easy and fun to be sustainable with simple measures. But why us? Because we gather many people every day, and these people talk with each other! They talk with each other here, at home with the family, and with friends and colleagues after their visit. So what’s better than spreading good ideas?

The average Norwegian has limited influence over a large national environmental footprint. Few people make environmental decisions about the big issues, but if everyone does a little, it adds up to a lot in the end.

That is why we have set up several QR codes around the house. We hope you will get involved and scan the QR codes to find fun facts, tips and tricks that can further inspire and be topics of conversations during your event.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something – and we hope you, as a guest, will contribute!


Do you think we are stingy only filling up 70% of your coffee cup?


Based on feedback from our customers, we see that more and more people want to hold green conferences and contribute through increased sustainability.


Are you wondering what happens to the food when we clear it away?


Wondering why we don’t have cashews on our nut buffet?


Did you know that if all Norwegians delete one to two e-mails each, we would have saved as much electricity as is needed to charge one million smartphones?


Most of us like to save money – but did you know that you can save money for your business while thinking sustainably?

Hot air or paper?

Have you considered that this can also be done sustainably?


Meat or plants, is it so important?