Climate compensate your conference at X!

Based on feedback from our customers, we see that more and more people want to hold green conferences and contribute with increased sustainability.

X Meeting Point has decided to do something about this, and has recently entered a partnership with CHOOOSE, which makes it very easy for you as a customer to compensate for the climate.

CHOOOSE climate compensates for our unavoidable footprint by financing CO2-reducing projects in developing countries. We have analyzed the footprint of our conference guests and the logistics surrounding an event. Based on this, we have calculated a footprint per person for one conference.

We have calculated this footprint for two types of events. The price is added to the day package price for each participant:

1-day conference, NOK 9 per person (the majority of participants come by car/bus per person).
2-day conference, NOK 45 per person (the majority of participants arrive by plane 2-4 hours per person).
The money you pay goes to Chooose, which finances a portfolio of projects in renewable energy. The portfolio changes continuously when a project is fully financed and a new project starts.

To be even greener, you can choose a green day package at X Meeting Point, use public transport with Eco 6 fuel and compostable materials. This means that you can focus on the professional content and experience, but at the same time feel good about choosing to compensate for more than your usual footprint!

Welcome to sustainable opportunities at X Meeting Point!