Do you think we are stingy only filling up 70% of your coffee cup?

Did you know that a cup of coffee requires 140 liters of water in the production process from start to finish?

That’s a huge amount of water! At the same time, we are a large conference center that has an average of 600 guests in the building every day. And if all of these are to stay awake and follow the academic content, it requires coffee – a lot of coffee!

On the other hand, our conference hosts and hostesses discovered in 2020 that they were pouring out large amounts of cold coffee when cleaning up meeting rooms. So we started thinking, and tried to find out what we could do to reduce coffee waste, without affecting the customer experience. Our solution was simple, so simple in fact that you’d be embarrassed not to have thought of it sooner:

By calibrating our coffee machines to only fill up 70% of a regular cup of coffee, we make sure our guests still get their coffee, while reducing the amount of coffee wasted.

This means that for every fourth cup of coffee we serve, we save an entire cup that would otherwise be thrown away. With 600 guests on average, this is a saving of approximately 150 cups of coffee every single day.

This means a daily saving of over 20,000 liters of water used for coffee production, and that is just by serving one cup of coffee per person. And who only drinks one cup of coffee a day? 😉