Hot air or paper?

When you go to the toilet, you wash your hands, and then you are faced with the choice of how to dry your hands.

Have you considered that this can also be done sustainably?

Many people prefer air drying from hand dryers with hot air, believing that it saves paper, but this is not the case.

CO2e, or carbon dioxide equivalent, is a common yardstick for measuring how much a certain amount of greenhouse gas affects global warming. Was it too complicated? Many think so.

The fact is that when using hot air dryers, 20 g of CO2e are used, compared to only 10 g when using paper.

The same applies if you shake off your hands and let them dry naturally.

If you are like the average of the population and go to the toilet 8 – 10 times a day, and approx. 5 of these are outside your own home, you can choose whether you want a footprint of 100, 50 or 0 g CO2e per day. It makes a big difference!