Many people believe that to eat sustainably you have to cut out all the meat from your diet. In a Norwegian context, we believe this would be too simple.

Agriculture in Norway is among the most sustainable ones, with small, family-owned farms scattered throughout the country and millions of animals grazing. Did you know that grazing animals contribute to carbon buildup in pastures? At the same time, animal health in Norway is one of the best in the world, which means that Norwegian cows emit less methane than cows in many other countries – and we have the world’s lowest use of antibiotics.

We support the Norwegian farmer, who is so far the only industry to have entered into a separate climate agreement with the government. And who work every day to reduce their climate footprint.

It’s important to remember that sustainability is dependent on environmental, social and economic factors.

At X, we have therefore chosen to continue serving meat, but we have some important focal points to work with:

We only serve Norwegian meat, fish and shellfish.
A new way of thinking! We want to buy and use the whole animal, rather than buying specific pieces of many animals. This gives our chefs the chance to try different cooking methods and create new and surprising experiences for you.
We use Norwegian, seasonal ingredients.
We continuously work to reduce our food waste, for example by using peels as a garnish and downscaling buffets.
Our project managers work together with the organizer to select menus adapted to the group’s needs.
When the day’s meals are over, we take care of the leftovers, which are served in the staff canteen the following day.
We hope you appreciate the effort our chefs put into the food in front of you.

And hey you: If you have a good sustainable food tip for us, please let us know!