“Often a little love is all it takes”

Most of us like to save money – but did you know that you can save money for your business while thinking sustainably?

The UN’s sustainability goal no. 12 is about how we can make the best possible use of resources, with the least possible burden on the environment and climate, and is an example of how far we have left to go in Norway.

In Norway, 140,000 tonnes of office furniture are thrown away annually. This corresponds to approximately 200 moving vehicles per week. If you want to upgrade your home office or office of business, you can make an active choice to choose used furniture, and that’s where Movement comes into the picture!

Since 2007, Movement has given second-hand items new life by making a few simple tweaks and adjustments.

For every piece of furniture that is reused rather than ending up in landfill, the environment is spared of the burdens that come with the production of a new piece of furniture. That’s why we’ve chosen #slettesofa from Movement.

There are only 8 years left until the UN’s sustainability goals are to be met. Everyone can contribute, and recycling is one of the ways YOU can contribute!

Shop sustainably with used furniture from Movement! Maybe you also need a #slettesofa?

Visit www.movement.as for more information.