Did you know that if all Norwegians delete one to two e-mails each, we would have saved as much electricity as is needed to charge one million smartphones? We would also have saved emissions equivalent to a round trip of Norway by diesel car, 10 times!

If all Norwegians delete 5 e-mails a day, it covers the annual electricity consumption of 1.000 households!

This was not something we knew either, but is there a simpler and less intrusive way to be sustainable? We don’t think so!

Think about all the joint emails you participate in or send out. All member clubs you are a part of, which send you lots of newsletters throughout the week, which go straight through the advertising filter.

We are therefore introducing, as part of #hiddensustainability, the #slettesofa concept.

Here you can sit down before the meeting starts, or if you just want to relax, and delete emails. And perhaps everyone who sees you sitting there will know that YOU are making an effort for the environment!

When your deletion break is over, we ask you to register on an iPad how many e-mails you have deleted – because we are curious to find out how many e-mails are deleted in the building.

In addition, we give some tips on how you can have a better conscience moving forward:

Delete emails you don’t need.
Delete duplicates, keep the last email in the thread.
Empty the Deleted Items folder.
Use wired internet or WIFI where you can.
Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer need.
Choose SMS newsletters rather than e-mail if possible.